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650 N. Tustin St, Orange, CA 92867 (714 ) 602-9914

History & Tradition…

Everything in our lives has a history, from our families and community to our cultures and traditions.

Events, memories, stories, and places all have special meaning in our lives and to be able to share it with family and friends through the years is such a blessing.

Our restaurant also has a long and rich history…

For over 40 years, the city of Orange has had one location that has brought the community together to enjoy their favorite Mexican cuisines and listen to traditional Mexican mariachi music.

El Mariachi Bar & Grill

This restaurant, at 650 N. Tustin Street, has special meaning to our community and there have been many memories, smiles, tears, and fun times shared here. Traditions have been created by simply being the place to go for family gatherings, birthdays, baby showers, special events and, of course, good Mariachi music.

My family and I are excited to have the opportunity to continue to carry on the history and traditions of this restaurant. We have created a new menu offering gourmet Mexican food and proudly feature my mariachi group, Mariachi Los Reyes, performing every weekend.

This is truly a dream come true! We hope you will join us soon to continue your family traditions, create new ones, and enjoy the wonderful sounds of our mariachi music!

Welcome to El Mariachi Bar & Grill… the new home of Mariachi Los Reyes!

See you soon!

—Jorge A. Alvarez

el mariachi bar & grill, orange ca

La Nueva Casa De Los Reyes

For the past 10 years, Mariachi Los Reyes de Jorge Alvarez has been traveling the world sharing their mariachi music, an emblem of cultural heritage and source of pride among the Mexican community.

Mariachi Los Reyes’ talents have earned them the opportunity to share the stage in sold-out concerts with world-renowned singers of Mexican music such as Luis Miguel, Ramon Ayala, Lupillo Rivera, and many more. They have appeared in film and television and have been invited to perform alongside other premier mariachi groups.

As of September 2020, they have a new home for performing and sharing their beloved mariachi music. Mariachi Los Reyes proudly takes the stage at El Mariachi Bar & Grill in the city of Orange every weekend. Join us here at La Casa de (the home of) El Mariachi Los Reyes!

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